Our goal: to go beyond simple cyber awareness to better protect your employees

At Cyrius, we believe that your people can be your best weapon against cyber threats.

Team security is at the heart of any defense strategy. It is the ultimate defense against attacks that will eventually reach your employees -despite your firewalls and antispam.

The "human factor" has been considered for too long as a simple problem to be solved, forgetting the fact that we are humans. With all the subtleties that implies.

Awareness is nowadays synonymous with infantilisation. There is a tendency to consider employees as irresponsible and incapable of thinking about the traps of the attackers. But this is not inevitable. We can change that.

Cyrius is the first tool that helps SMBs to involve their teams all year long on cybersecurity issues. In a word, we help you create a cyber culture, with simplicity and benevolence.

Implementing a cyber culture is a mindset for your company:

  • It means integrating cybersecurity into everyday actions, and not just informing in a theoretical way.
  • It means making employees aware of their responsibilities, not monitoring and punishing them.
  • It means involving all the stakeholders of your organization, not just the IT department.

It's finally giving them the tools to master the subject, both in the office and at home.

But that is only one pillar of your cyber culture. With Cyrius, you also benefit from a management tool, a communication relay, a platform for your managers.

In short, a coach for your security.

Now the ball is in your court.

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